To Our Dear Da Bianca Customers,

Thank you so much for your support over the past few months.  As you may know, we celebrated our 30th anniversary May 9th in the midst of the crisis, and we are anxious to continue on!  To that end, we are happy to announce Da Bianca will reopen for dine-in service.  We have been working diligently the past two weeks to meet all guidelines for safe reopening during the Covid crisis. Please remember, there is still an inherent risk in venturing outside your quarantine area and you dine in at your own risk.  
Things will be different.  We hope you will bear with us as we adjust to a new way of doing business.  There are a few guidelines I would like to share:

  • Our hours will be 4:30-9:00 pm Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Mondays (for the time being) and lunches.
  • We will only have 10 tables inside and 6 tables outside.
  • Please check your reservation carefully for indoor or outdoor seating. We will likely not be able accommodate a change in preference once you arrive.
  • We will accommodate guests by reservation ONLY 
  • If you arrive early for your reservation early, please check in but you may need to wait in your car​
  • Employees will be wearing masks and ensuring everything is properly sanitized
  • Until we are back at full capacity, we will be charging corkage on Wednesdays
  • To facilitate hands-free ordering you can check the menu and the specials before you arrive at
  • Doors will be open to promote optimal circulation so bring a sweater
  • Yes! We will still provide take-out and you can still email your orders to before 3:30 pm or call after 4:00 714-289-1508.

All of our employees are coming back to work and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.  Thank you in advance for your understanding as we try to balance warm hospitality with the stringent guidelines. Do not hesitate to let us know if something seems amiss.  As always, it is our goal to welcome you as part of our family as you enjoy Da Bianca’s delicious food. Ciao!

Marjan and the Da Bianca Staff