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Ruffino Summer Wine Dinner

We're so excited to announce our Summer Wine Dinner with wines from Ruffino Winery.

A little about Ruffino: Founded in 1877 by two cousins from Tuscany, Ruffino’s reputation was established after its Chianti received national and international awards in the late 1800’s. In 1890, Ruffino became the official supplier to the Italian Royal family.

Special Guest: We are so fortunate to welcome Beppe D’Andrea, Ruffino’s Brand Ambassador from Italy. This former cellar master began his career with Ruffino in 1987 and received professional sommelier certification in 1989. A dynamic storyteller and enthusiastic spokesperson for Ruffino and Tuscany, Beppe serves as Senior Global Brand Ambassador for Ruffino.

Seating is limited. Make your reservation today!

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